Thank You for visiting our website. Zito Brothers can make your event a memorable experience with our delicious signature sandwiches, salads and side dishes. We don't use chafing dishes with the same old forgettable meat selections and boring vegetables. We make meals that we are proud to serve at our own family gatherings, and we add a personal touch to each and every item we serve. Every meal, from appetizer to entree, is hot, delicious and served family style on large platters. 

We handcraft all of our sandwiches from the finest ingredients available. Our bread is picked up fresh from the bakery and the produce is hand selected and prepared the day of your event. All meats and cheeses are sliced the morning of your event to ensure fresh and delicious sandwiches. 

We specialize in sandwiches, but can design a menu to include delicious healthy and vegetarian options. We also offer a wide array of pasta and meat dishes. All of our soups, salads and side dishes are crafted from market fresh ingredients and we make all of our own dressings and sauces, free from preservatives and additives. 

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Some of the greatest memories of family 
gatherings were the delicious meals. The food always tasted better than any restaurant. The memories of the smells of the meals being prepared, as well as the generous portions, stayed with you for a lifetime.  

That's the experience Zito Brothers seeks to recreate. Hearty comfort food, prepared from the best available fresh ingredients to create a delicious meal, and more importantly, a lasting memory. 

"We'd be Honored to Cater Your Event" 

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